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Decision to Suspend my Campaign: Buffalo School Board (West District)

Because of events and discussions with my close friends over the past weekend I have decided to suspend my campaign for a seat on the Buffalo School Board West District in the upcoming May 3rd elections, but this by no means am I done seeking a seat on the Buffalo School Board and will return … Continue reading


If you had the opportunity to view James Sampson’s for Buffalo School Board Facebook page you would be lead to believe his leadership and the majority were solely responsible for any academic improvement or innovative initiatives in the Buffalo Public Schools. Under his leadership they have improved the graduation rate to 61% and have a … Continue reading

Why I’m Running for the Buffalo School Board (West District)

  Three years ago I made the decision to run for the Buffalo School Board in the Park District. It was a decision that was made over a short time with the overall goal of getting more people involved in the process of the school board elections and the Buffalo Public Schools; creating more collaboration … Continue reading

Platform and Experience

    Supports Higher Percentage of Students Enrolled in Career & Technical Education/Vocational Programs. Community Schools that will Enhance Entire Neighborhoods. Professional School Board Governance. Active and Vested Stakeholder Participation on all Levels. Experience Over 30 Years of Experience in Youth development and Education, in both the Public and Private Sectors. Master’s Degree in Special … Continue reading

A Vote for more Dysfunction or A Vote for a New Direction

The City of Buffalo Public School systems inability to correct or adjust to the teacher’s contract dilemma, school absenteeism, student conduct and appropriate school funding, are equally responsible for the districts lack of academic progress; but the Buffalo School Boards twelve year run of dysfunction is as equally or more so responsible for the districts … Continue reading


A recent article in The BUFFALO NEWS would lead you to believe that it’s either all or nothing when it comes to school board candidates in the City of Buffalo, and maybe they do this to continue the conflict. They always report you either have to be PRO-UNION or PRO-REFORM; I’m here to tell you … Continue reading

Adrian Fitzgerald Harris Buffalo School Board Candidate West District

As stated in a recent story in the Buffalo News I am running for the Buffalo School Board in the West District. I’m not running to win an election, use it as a stepping stone to future political aspirations or cement my community legacy. I am running to be a part of a school board that governs … Continue reading

Hypothetically Speaking: U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights investigation into claims that the Buffalo Public School district discriminated against minorities in the admission into the districts criteria based schools.

I would first like to state that I have no first hand knowledge of the particulars in the complaint, the process of the investigation or evidence discovered, meetings between the parties and process that lead to the resolution that I will discuss. I’m purely looking at the impasse from a logic and fact based perspective, … Continue reading

Different Players, Same Process……The New Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent.

Different Players, Same Process……The New Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent. With the void in leadership the City of Buffalo School Board will look to fill that void for the seventh time in the past eighteen years. To the names of Dr. James Harris, Mrs. Marian V. Canedo, Mrs. Yvonne Hargrave,Dr. James A. Williams,Ms. Amber M. Dixon … Continue reading

For Education Reform Movement Results, see Cites of Milwaukee and Cleveland Public School Districts……..So what are the reformers true motives?

It’s the same old story; you work areas that the people are downtrodden, have lost hope and promise them a better opportunity. History is littered with examples of individuals promising results by promoting simple solutions to solve complex issues, most often these solutions ended in disaster. In this case the promise is a better education … Continue reading


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Harris On Buffalo Public Schools

Harris On Buffalo Public Schools

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