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Decision to Suspend my Campaign: Buffalo School Board (West District)

Because of events and discussions with my close friends over the past weekend I have decided to suspend my campaign for a seat on the Buffalo School Board West District in the upcoming May 3rd elections, but this by no means am I done seeking a seat on the Buffalo School Board and will return to seek a seat in the 2019 school board elections. It had become evident through my canvassing work over the past four weeks, talking to voters in the West School District and making connections I could cause irreparable damage to the Buffalo Public School District with my presents on the ballot May 3rd. To allow Mr. Sampson to maintain his seat and the present majority its place on the Buffalo School Board would not only be a barrier to future district progress, but a slap in the face of parents, students and teachers in the West District. Mr. Sampson and the majority take credit for the hard work of students, parents and teachers, while seeking to displace a vibrant educational environment with decreased academic options and decision making ability; to allow them to continue on the present path would only be a detriment to the Buffalo Public School District. Mr. Sampson’s and their  support of the Common Core Learning Standards, Privatization of the Buffalo Public Schools, lack of community engagement, inability to secure a fair and equitable contract for the Buffalo Public School teachers and lack of leadership are all barriers to school district progress. Mr. Sampson and the rest of the majority have only brought dysfunction and a multitude of issues into a realm where none are needed.

I would like to thank all the people that have supported me in this past election cycle and the two previous election cycles, I will never forget your kindness and enthusiasm . I also would like to thank these people individual, they are truly public education heroes fighting for Buffalo Public School students each day and why I have come to peace with my decision. Thank you:  Mel Holden, Kristen Konrad Mendoza, Sean Crowley, Heather Leaderstorf, Kevin Gibson, Barbara A. Nervergold, Carolette Punkin Meadows, Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux, Lisa Corey, Erica Ann Heberling-Kulik, Bernadette Dupre,  Sami Cirpili, Kate Shands Haq, Isabella Keegan, Sherry L. Byrnes, Ida Ferguson, Aaron Connors, Marc Bruno and Pez Metzrer. Your unselfish commitment to the Buffalo Public Schools and public education has always inspired me to do more in support of both.


Adrian Fitzgerald Harris

Buffalo School Board Candidate 2019



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