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Adrian Fitzgerald Harris Buffalo School Board Candidate West District


As stated in a recent story in the Buffalo News I am running for the Buffalo School Board in the West District. I’m not running to win an election, use it as a stepping stone to future political aspirations or cement my community legacy. I am running to be a part of a school board that governs in a collaborative an effective manner and less as micro managers or mini CEOs. We need a school board that understands the issues facing students daily; can respond to issues effectively and in a timely manner without regard of personal agenda or conflicts. We need a school board that is divulged of factions, political agendas, and will craft a common vision that will assist in moving the Buffalo Public Schools forward. My message has always been clear in terms of what I feel needs to be accomplished to improve the Buffalo Public Schools, and that is stakeholder investment at all levels. Whether it be student, parent, support staff, teacher, administrator or school board, all must work and be vested in the process of public education for success to occur. The foundation of education is collaboration and I wish to bring that thinking to the Buffalo School Board.

To promote a common vision that fosters student achievement through collaboration of all Buffalo Public Schools stakeholders.



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