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A recent article in The BUFFALO NEWS would lead you to believe that it’s either all or nothing when it comes to school board candidates in the City of Buffalo, and maybe they do this to continue the conflict. They always report you either have to be PRO-UNION or PRO-REFORM; I’m here to tell you they are incorrect. I, ADRIAN FITZGERALD HARRIS have always run as an INDEPENDENT school board candidate, have had no affiliation with any political party ever, and have always said I would work with all school board members and public school stakeholders to craft a vision statement that will reflect all those vested in the Buffalo Public Schools. I have opinions on CHARTER SCHOOLS, COMMON CORE, STUDENT CURRICULUM, SCHOOL LEADERSHIP and SCHOOL CODE of CONDUCT that differ from any other school board candidate, each of which has been cultivated through practice, COLLABORATION and research, not created for election year consumption. I have always embraced opinions that differ from mine as, and used it as an opportunity to create discussion. Only through discussion of differing perspectives is the solution to a better public school district in the City of Buffalo. Within discussion alternatives are created that reflect the needs of everyone, not just a few. I wish to bring COLLABORATION to the Buffalo School Board; something that has been sorely lacking for many years, but is the basis of a sound educational apparatus. I want to be a part of creating a board that effectively governs, not argues over whose right or places blame when things go wrong.



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