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Harris On Buffalo Public Schools


With the end of the Buffalo Public School Board elections and the unsuccessful bid to win one of the three At-Large seats came the decision that the voting public needed more information on how public education operates. It is my feeling that individuals voted by name, more than ability.  If the voting public based their votes on  facts and research, they would have elected individuals that would have crafted a vision for all and not push the agenda of a few. The roots of Public Education are Collaboration that includes All Stakeholders, Parents, Students, Teachers/staff, Administration and the Community. All feeling a responsibility to others and the public education system through the trust and respect established by true collaboration. By making all vested, all will do their best to improve their public education setting making it a community asset. The community improves through the educational and social asset the public education setting provides; which if replicated in each community, improves the entire city. No silver bullet programs, no special learning standards, just basic work on a common vision, trust and respect. Something that’s been missing from this region, since its inception.




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Harris On Buffalo Public Schools

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