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For Education Reform Movement Results, see Cites of Milwaukee and Cleveland Public School Districts……..So what are the reformers true motives?

It’s the same old story; you work areas that the people are downtrodden, have lost hope and promise them a better opportunity. History is littered with examples of individuals promising results by promoting simple solutions to solve complex issues, most often these solutions ended in disaster. In this case the promise is a better education … Continue reading

You hired by look, now see what you got.

Present circumstances make it now appropriate I speak on the matter of Dr. Pamela Brown; superintendent of the City of Buffalo Public School District and her legacy. Dr. Brown and the district; as reported in the May 16, 2014 Edition of The Buffalo News, are working on an amicable separation between the two. With the … Continue reading

With game being played there will be “No Academic Achievement/No Economic Growth”

  With my historical knowledge of, and the experiences living in all areas of the City of Buffalo for the past 45 years I could write a book. Now you couple that with over a year of participating in and out of the public arena running for the Buffalo School Board twice, I could write … Continue reading

Welcome to Harris On Buffalo Public Schools

Adrian Fitzgerald Harris

Harris On Buffalo Public Schools

With the end of the Buffalo Public School Board elections and the unsuccessful bid to win one of the three At-Large seats came the decision that the voting public needed more information on how public education operates. It is my feeling that individuals voted by name, more than ability.  If the voting public based their … Continue reading

“Your legacy wi…

“Your legacy will not be what you did for yourself, but what you did for others”. Adrian Fitzgerald Harris 1995.


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Harris On Buffalo Public Schools

Harris On Buffalo Public Schools

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